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The Spell
Collect components, make magic potions and use supernatural abilities to fight evil in this hidden object thriller!
Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet
Can you give Romeo and Juliet the happy ending they desire?
Queen's Quest III: End of Dawn Collector's Edition
In the midst of a battle for the Academy of Alchemy, a young promising student, Eliana, is sent on a dangerous mission of retrieving three powerful artifacts, the Dragon Crystals.
Elven Legend 4: The Incredible Journey
Queen Aerin meets a strange guest from another place and agrees to help him to save his world
Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition
Can you stop the townspeople from mysteriously aging?
Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition
Help Maggie keep the show running, stay out of the Hollywood drama and follow her dream!
Fantasy Mosaics 20: Castle of Puzzles
Travel with the penguins and solve new pixel art challenges!
Royal Detective: Borrowed Life
Can you stop these stone-cold conspirators in time?
Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition
Can you stop a stone-cold monster before it's too late?
Living Legends: Beasts of Bremen
A dark fog is taking over Bremen!
The Unseen Fears: Body Thief Collector's Edition
Can you stop a mystical murderer in time?
Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival against all odds! Help Taylor make life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Or see what happens when you make a different choice.
Page 1 of 331
Results 1 - 12 of 3967